Review Reporting

Our advanced reporting allows you to see what is being reported, assign a status to each report, and track what the outcome of every report is.


BullyRAADR Availability

The BullyRAADR platform and app can be used in any geographic region. There are no limits to where schools and organizations are located for being able to use BullyRAADR.


School Team Members

Allow trusted school administrators and staff to review and assist with incidents that are being reported.

Standard Features

While we are still a young app, we have a robust feature set for students and school administrators alike. A few of the feature highlights are listed below:

  • Student Incident Reporting
  • Student Privacy & Anonymous Reporting
  • Report Status Tracking For School Admin
  • Multi-Staff Availability
  • Notifications via SMS & Email
  • Key Metric Tracking
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Students Time Online

There are a lot of different studies about how much time students, particularly between the ages of 12-18, spend online. Regardless of the actual numbers, it's a lot of time! Between the various online social media platforms and the time students spend in the classroom, there are multiple ways bullying can happen. BullyRAADR aims to give students a way to report these bullying instances in a way that positively impacts their surroundings and community.



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In The News

See some of the coverage BullyRAADR has received! If you know of any organization looking to cover this topic, feel free to reach out.

Become A #NoBullyZone

We partner with Districts and Individual Schools based on the current ability for one or the other to work with us at BullyRAADR. BullyRAADR is dedicated to creating #NoBullyZones across the country and world so everyone feels safe in their learning environments. If you are a District or School administrator, feel free to reach out to us below to discuss partnering. Several of our sponsors partner with us to subsidise the cost as well so if you are hesitant due to low funds, please still contact us so we can see what could be worked out.

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